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Here’s a great interview with Oscar “Cacho” Dante in which he explains how “Milonguero” style was actually invented by Susana Miller and himself a few years ago as a way of packaging their lessons. Their style of dancing was, of course, derived from dancing in Buenos Aires, but there may be some misconceptions that this helps to dispel.  The same applies to other “styles”  – some people dance in a particular way but without thinking of it as a style.  The style is often (always?) packaged by teachers to define what they will teach. I think that’s clear?!  Anyway Cacho is more eloquent.



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There is tango in almost every city and town in UK and Europe.  Here are just a few links which will grow as we have time to add them:

Wolfson Tango and Salsa Society Cambridge

Tango in London  – North of the river

Raquel Greenberg’s new promotional video:

TangoFever (Rene and Hiba)

Zero Hour Tufnell Park

Corrientes Social Club

Tango in the Netherlands

El Corte Nijmegen