CumparsitaDifferent tango scenes tend to have preferences for different styles of music.  Some like to play music from the Golden Age with a  sprinkling of “non tango” or pop music. The preference at CamTango is for music from the Golden Age with no sprinkles.  We are not dogmatic about this and occasionally a guest tango DJ (or “TJ”), will provide some non tango, but it will never be more than one or two, as a sort of refreshment.   Why do we have this DArienzopreference?  Well it’s been arrived at gradually throughout the 16 years or so of our existence and has followed the taste of our dancers, which I think it’s true to say, Donatohas developed strongly for the fantastic music of the Golden Age as the dancing has matured.  Those orchestras were amazing and they were producing music for the masses to dance to, not just dance to, but dance tango to.  Not all of it is fantastic and that’s where some of the skill of the TJ comes in, selecting the best music for the right moments of the evening. A good TJ will to pay attention to the dancers and adjust their musical selection to to initiate energetic, calm, rhythmical, melodic, connected, fun, playful, small, or big dancing according to the atmosphere, space and dancers.

The music on Tuesdays and Saturdays is arranged in tandas with cortinas. If you want to start a collection of the best music or otherwise need some expert advice, you can visit Michael Lavocah’s website