Milonga La Vida – Suspended

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We are in a temporary holding pattern due to the virus. Normal service will be resumed asap! The Tuesday milonga is the original Cambridge Tango milonga.  The milonga features traditional tango music from the Golden Age, nice lighting and tables … Read More

Robert’s Cambridge Restaurant Guide

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There are many restaurants in Cambridge-the nearest are in Hills Road (where St Pauls is) -Hills road becomes Regent Street closer in to town and in Mill Road The restaurants are listed by closeness to St Pauls, the list does … Read More

Tango, Health and Well-Being

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Probably every dancer looks for something slightly different from tango, and offers something a little different to it.  You might become hooked on the music, on that mysterious connection with a partner, or even on the shoes.  It might also … Read More

Wolfson Tango Society

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We are very happy to see many dancers from the Wolfson Tango Society at the Tuesday night milonga at St Pauls and also at the La Falena milonga on Thursdays at the USC in Mill Lane. Sharing of teachers and … Read More

Building Cambridge Tango

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Having just got back from a sometimes rather soggy but never-the-less beautiful holiday in Co. Donegal, it’s time to get back to concentrating on tango and how to make Cambridge a great place in which to dance it.  The process … Read More

Interview with Melina Sedo

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May 2013 Following Detlef and Melina’s sold out weekend of workshops in Cambridge in April 2013 which got some of the best feedback we have ever received, I took the opportunity to have a chat with Melina and decided to … Read More

Who’d be a DJ?

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I have been regularly DJing in Cambridge tango for quite a while.  I can’t remember quite when it started but the oldest playlists I have on my laptop are dated 2009 – and before that I was using CDs – … Read More

Dancing with the Orchestras Workshops

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Michael Lavocah, tango DJ and author, is in the process of teaching a series of 10 musicality workshops in Cambridge this year on occasional Wednesdays.  Each workshop focuses on dancing to a different orchestra and is a combination of listening and dancing … Read More

La Música!

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Different tango scenes tend to have preferences for different styles of music.  Some like to play music from the Golden Age with a  sprinkling of “non tango” or pop music. The preference at CamTango is for music from the Golden … Read More

Impressions of Buenos Aires

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5th & 11th November 2012 Firstly, I’m not going to gloat about the weather. But it might be interesting to share some impressions of Buenos Aires. It’s late spring here which means it’s hot.  The city is teeming with people … Read More

After the last dance

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Tango is endlessly fascinating… there is always lots to discuss and we hope this will become the place to talk about music, dancing, classes, what teachers you’d like to visit, ask questions, find out about milongas here or away, plot … Read More

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