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Ross Guill 003Having just got back from a sometimes rather soggy but never-the-less beautiful holiday in Co. Donegal, it’s time to get back to concentrating on tango and how to make Cambridge a great place in which to dance it.  The process thus far is thanks to big efforts by many people – too many to list, but I suppose chiefly Stephanie, who started it all about 16 years ago, then Mike and Stephanie together with help from people whom they had taught including me and Annette and many others, and with help from visiting teachers, principally Rodolfo and Miho whose influence can still be felt. Now it’s Mel, Savio, Annette and myself who are keen to take things forward with lots of support from some dear tango friends – you know who you are!

Where do we go from here? 

It’s an exciting time – a growing community of lovely people including some new dancers who show every sign of catching up and even overtaking some of the more experienced dancers.  It’s not a competition of course, that’s what’s nice about Argentine tango – no grades or stars or whatever you get in other dances. But the satisfaction to be gained from improving one’s dancing is what is so compelling about tango.  It’s rewarding because you can start to dance at a higher level -“in the zone” or however you like to think of it.  To this end we have decided to focus on inviting visiting teachers whose teaching methods are complimentary and who have a strong reputation for making real improvements to the milongas in the scenes where they teach regularly. We may ask the occasional superstars but the focus is going to be on quality of teaching. These teachers will be asked to re-visit sometimes regularly if we can get them to, to reinforce and build on their teaching.  We are determined to make Cambridge one of the best places in the country to dance tango, and we will succeed – it’s just a question of when the dream is realised! So come along for the ride if you can spare the time and money – it will be an investment that will repay you grandly.

gallery3forwebbannerIn September – 13th – 15th we have Stefan and Komala coming to give us the benefit of their expertise.  This couple are based in the famous El Corte school in Nijmegen, which has a great reputation for it’s milongas. Dancers from all over the world go there again and again – to dance and to take lessons.  Stefan and Komala’s schedule is here you can book by emailing me :

detlof&melinaAt the end of November – 29th – 1st  December Detlef and Melina return.  This couple are definitely to be ranked with those that make a difference – their clear and structured teaching method takes away the mystery and makes big improvement accessible to everyone. Their schedule here.

3633826113_e99fdcb2ea_zIn the New Year Murat and Michelle will be with us again – 28th – 30th March, and then in May – 23rd – 25th Detlef and Melina.

We hope that if enough people commit to taking lessons with each set of teachers they (the teachers) can progress the teaching on each visit, as they do at other places, moving us onward and 
upward towards our goal of tango heaven here on Earth. In Cambridge. Not a bad dream is it?
You can be part of it!



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