Festivalito Guide to Cambridge

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Welcome to Cambridge

If you are driving to Cambridge then there is parking on the streets around St Pauls (workshops and afternoon cafes), which is free on sunday, but not saturday.  Ticket wardens are plentiful and very active,  so you will need to be careful of the time and move your car every couple of hours.  The streets around the venue will get busy over the weekend, so  you may need to seek parking further afield. Free parking is available not the streets around St Philips (evening milongas). Most places are within walkable distance, certainly in the city centre.  If you need to take a taxi, then Panther (01223 715715) are usually good and reliable.  A map of Cambridge bus routes is here.

The venues are slightly out of the city centre, but nowhere is very far away in Cambridge, most places are a maximum 20 minute walk away.  During the day, if you want grab a quick lunch, there is a Co-Op and Tesco just beside the venue, and two coffee shops also.  A short walk (see the map below, here, or reload the page if it does not show) will take you to some places a little further away.  Click on the symbols for information about the places, or click on the menu button for the full list.


The restaurant recommendations have been provided by Cambridge tangueros, but the list is not exclusive and there are lots more places as well. If you want to have dinner at a particular time on saturday or sunday, or have a group, then it will be worth booking a table.

See also Robert’s comprehensive Restaurant Guide with Trip Adviser Ratings

Cambridge is pretty, and especially if you have never been here before, the compact and historic town centre is a nice place for an afternoon wander.

Kings College Chapel

The Colleges

It’s just before term, and so most of the Colleges will have ‘closed to visitors’ signs up.  Some of the larger ones, like Kings, Trinity and St Johns charge admission for visitors and the entrance is often manned by porters.  To see the famous Kings College Chapel you have to pay unless you attend Evensong (5.30pm, saturday).  Lots of the other Colleges (e.g. Pembroke, Trinity Hall, Queens) are very pretty and though we could not possibly suggest trying it,  a purposeful stride past the porters lodge while giving the air of knowing where you are going has been known to gain entry though the ‘closed’ sign may be up.   An alternate way to see the Colleges is from the river.  Scudamores punt company operate at Granta Place (see map), and you can hire a punt and have a go yourself, or get someone else to do the hard work and join a guided punt tour of the backs.  Tickets booked in advance are considerably cheaper. Do not believe everything the punt guides tell you!  You can also take a short walk along the ‘Backs’, go over Silver Street bridge (pause to see people trying to punt, also the Mathematical Bridge of Queens College), then turn right along the backs.  You can turn back into the centre via Garrett Hostel lane, which bring you more or less to the centre of town.


The Corpus Clock





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