You can give tango lessons as a gift

It’s an inexpensive idea and could change someone’s life.  Tango is a relatively cheap hobby – but let’s be honest – it’s more than a hobby, it can become a way of life.

Our drop in classes are every Wednesday evening at St Columbas Hall in Cambridge.  They are friendly and relaxed and will put complete novices at their ease.  Give your friends a gift voucher and let us do the rest.

The lessons are group classes that can be joined by anyone without booking in advance, but by giving your friend a gift voucher you might prompt them to start something that could develop into a passion.

Classes are £6 per person per class. You can buy a voucher for a single person (for two classes £12, four classes £24), or a voucher for a couple (for one class £12, for two classes £24).  Once you pay by Paypal we will be notified of you email address and will contact you for details of where to send the vouchers.  Of course you can buy any multiple of the vouchers by making more than one payment – we are clever enough to work out what you want!


Single or Couple options