We use a proven method of teaching tango that aims to teach people the feeling of tango. First we teach people the feeling of tango movements, and then we go on to teach people to be conscious of what they are doing, so that they can understand tango more deeply. Once a conscious understanding of tango movements has been obtained then you can find your own possibilities in the dance, and dance tango in the way that you want to.

Everyone is different; therefore everyone can dance his or her own tango.

Having said all of this it does not mean that we have a fixed approach. Far from it, in fact. We are continually developing our teaching methods by:

  • working with each of the visiting teachers that comes to Cambridge
  • keeping up to date with tango teaching that goes on around the world
  • trying out new teaching ideas on new groups of willing people

In essence, the courses are usually taught in 3 stages: technique (body control, couple communication, etc), movements and putting it all together to get nice tango dancing

We are continually looking for the simplest and most accessible way to teach  tango.
The aims of the intermediate drop-in lesson on Tuesdays are to:

  • Supplement the content that is contained within the courses that are given
  • Teach things that are outside the scope of the courses
  • Relax people ready to enjoy themselves in the milonga (social dance)

The sequence of courses we regularly run is:
Beginners (course 1a)
Improvers (course 1b)
Intermediate (course 2)
Medium (course 3)

We also offer drop-in beginners, improver/intermediate and advanced classes, as well as regular workshops and themed courses. If you have a question about our teaching, please check out out our FAQ or email us: info (add @camtango.com).  We welcome questions and feedback on any of our classes you may have attended

Tango Teaching Qualifications

Annette and John hold ‘Teachers of Dancing’ badges that say they are ‘bona fide teachers of established practice and reputation’, from the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance – for dance, drama and exercise). What this means in practice is that we went through a day of dance teaching assessment, and observation (while we taught 3 hours of tango course class). We have also attended ‘Teacher Week’ at El Corte in the Netherlands to meet other teachers from around Europe, talk, practice and get feedback on our teaching.