Private lessons can be very useful if you have a particlar problem or question about your dancing or if you want the fast track. If you are new to tango then, in general, we would recommend you take the beginners drop-in classes followed by the beginners course before doing any private classes.  This is because it’s good to meet others and practice on the dance floor.  But if the class times don’t fit with your commitments, or you want direct one to one tuition, one, two, or a series of private lessons might be the way to go. The cost of a private is more than a normal workshop price but the investment can be very efficient if you want to get on fast.

Here’s a couple of really nice testimonials received very recently:

“John, thanks for that class this morning. I’m very happy I did it!  I know they say just plain “dance miles” are important too, and I agree, but the ratio of noise to learning is so high with random milonga attendance – the level of precision and targeted attention in a one on one session like that is just amazing! Therapeutic even. I can’t guarantee it will all successfully stick, but I’d recommend a private lesson to anyone”

“I really enjoyed this morning’s lesson.  As usual it provided a place where I could make mistakes without worrying and also a chance to dance as well as I can – which doesn’t always happen in a group class or a milonga. For me, a one-to-one hour on a regular basis can be a life-saver in terms of confidence.  Even if the rest of my tango week is a disaster, come Friday morning there’s a chance to put things right. Your patience, good humour and gentle encouragement have kept me going when I’ve felt like giving up. At the moment this is a luxury I can afford – but for the price of a decent restaurant meal or a session on the therapist’s couch, for such a precious experience I reckon it’s a bargain. Thank you John!”

Price:  Prices for private lessons will vary depending on several factors such as if you want us to travel to you, if there are travel costs, or if it is necessary to hire a room for the class. We do have a room available in Cambridge. If you are not in full time employment we are happy to negotiate a mutually acceptable fee.  If you are interested in taking private lessons, please contact us