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solange-gonzalo-murat-michelle-2008-anim-gif-339-468Thanks to everyone for a great weekend with Michelle and Murat,  and we’re especially grateful to those who took the time to fill in the feedback survey.  We’ve read and considered all your comments and wanted to respond to them below: 

First up, some feedback on the workshops:

‘I enjoyed them a lot. I like their approach and focus on musicality and simplicity and using the body’

‘I enjoyed the workshops. They introduced new ways to dance in close spaces – always tricky- were fun, not too complicated and flew past. They make tango more accessible but at the same time did not dumb it down’

‘Very original and “out of the box” thinking by the 2 masters. Also, they are very articulate and able to easily convey very complicated and difficult concepts’ 

‘Excellent teachers. Very articulate – and very nice people! Content was generally very good. Delivery excellent.’ 

‘Excellent teaching of really good techniques’

The feedback overall was very very positive with many compliments to the teaching.  In fact the most common question I was asked at the weekend is ‘When are they coming back?’  The good news is: 28-30th March 2014 so mark your diaries now!


Representative feedback on the general event organisation, together with our responses:

‘Great music, lovely atmosphere & venue, Fab demo’

‘I did attend the milonga. I really enjoyed it, the music was very good and floor craft was generally very good. The only point that I found odd was the way the seating and tables were arranged, which was not helpful for cabeceo’

Very happy that you enjoyed the milonga and the general feedback on the night was very good. Normally the table arrangement would be slightly different, however we made some adjustments because of the show and the floor (see below).  This was the only comment that mentioned it as an issue but we will bear in mind for future reference

‘It is a beautiful venue. The only unfortunate thing was that the floor was warping due to the high humidity.’

Despite the fact that the floor is less than a year old it has unfortunately warped on one side of hall.   Sorry about this – it was beyond our control on the night, but we have been assured by the Centre management that they are sorting it out.  Hopefully it didn’t affect your enjoyment of the evening too much. ***update 21/08/2013*** The floor has now been repaired with perfect timing for the Late Summer Tea Dance

We would love to have a later finish to the milonga but sadly we are constrained by the Centre to finish at 11. The plus side of this early finish is that people have energy for the sunday workshops and we try to compensate a little by running regular Tangamente Late events which have a 1am finish.

Someone mentioned that the would like tea and coffee available at the workshops – it was, but in the kitchen.  As it was hot, most people were drinking water in the breaks which was in the hall so this may not have been obvious.  We always aim to have tea and coffee at events, if you do not see it, please ask us.

In other feedback most people have said they are happy with the frequency of teachers or would like them a little more often and we have taken on board your suggestions.  We usually organise a major visiting teacher weekend roughly every three months or so with smaller events scattered throughout the year.  At the moment we are working about a year in advance in terms of planning!  So look out for some announcements about next year soon… In the meantime, our next weekend is with Stefan and Komala in September

Some people commented that they had some difficultly in finding partners for workshops and were disapointed not to be able to take part in more.  This is a difficult one for us as organisers.  Experience has shown that the only practical way to manage bookings is to ask people to book in couples.  This way you ensure that you know the person you have booked with and like dancing/working with them, and we ensure the workshop is balanced with leaders and followers.   We do offer a matching service where people can advertise for a partner on the egroup/facebook group. If you have particular thoughts on this, or ideas of how we can do it better, please let us know.

A couple of final comments that we were very happy to recieve:

‘Generally a very enjoyable weekend. Well worth the effort of travelling the long distance’

‘Well done, loved my first visit to Cambridge and Cambridge Tango. THANK YOU’

‘Top quality teaching!! Delighted and inspired’

‘Fantastic weekend’

Thanks again to all of you who helped make the weekend happen – it was great to be a part of it.  We are working hard to make events and milongas we run something special for you so please do get in contact with us if you have ideas or suggestions, or see something we can improve.  You can speak to me, John, Mel or Savio anytime or drop us a line by adding to our name.


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