Tuesday Milonga

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Tuesday motion blur

Tuesday 25th April Milonga with DJ: Graham Harrod

Milonga starts at 7:30

The Tuesday milonga is the original Cambridge Tango milonga.  The milonga features traditional tango music from the Golden Age, nice lighting and tables and chairs from which to enjoy a glass of wine or to arrange your next dance via the cabeceo.  The atmosphere is warm and friendly.   Venue: Centre St Pauls in Hills Road, Cambridge.

Milonga starts: 7.30 til 11.00 


Milonga: £7 (£6 concessions, £3 students).



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  1. John
    | Reply

    We are thinking of coming to the Beginner Drop in Class on a Tuesday, please can you give us some advise on parking nearby.

    Are the classes Argentine Tango?

    Many thanks

  2. john
    | Reply

    There is free parking next to the Centre in St Paul’s Road. Yes Argentine Tango. Hope to see you soon

  3. Rimantas
    | Reply

    how far away is Tuesday’s millonga from train station in Cambridge and is the millonga still ranning every Tuesday in 2014.

    • john
      | Reply

      It’s about an 8 minute walk. Yes EVERY Tuesday in 2014 unless it Christmas

  4. jess
    | Reply

    Hello, my friend and I are planning to come to the beginners class tomorrow. Is there anything in particular we should wear or bring?

    Many thanks,


    • john
      | Reply

      It’s not that important but not tight… Comfortable clothes with some room to move, and shoes with a slippy sole (not trainers).

      See you tomorrow!

  5. Roberto
    | Reply


    I am a beginner so I wish to start asap but I haven’t got a partner to dance with at the moment….is there anyone available ?


    • Annette
      | Reply

      Hi Roberto,

      You don’t need a partner, just come along to our drop in classes on Wednesday at 7pm!


  6. Simon
    | Reply

    I dont have a partner to bring to the argentine tango beginner class is this ok. Ive had one lesson elsewhere in this style but i learn quick.

    • Annette
      | Reply

      Hi Simon

      You don’t need a partner to come to the beginner classes which are wednedsaya 7pm at St Columbas (There is no beginner class on Tuesday).

  7. Allison
    | Reply

    Is this still Tuesday Milonga still happening every week? I’ve been dancing for about a year and am visiting in late March and would like to attend without a partner.

    • john
      | Reply

      Yes, never misses 🙂

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